Thursday, October 10, 2013

Holy Crap! I Gots Another One! Chased These For Years To No Avail...And Now Within Months, A Second Cosco Booster Seat Has Come My Way! Status: Already Gone!


Another Cosco and it's a great color too!  Avocado.  My favorite fruit!  It's fatty, but it's a good fat, right?  Back to the booster.  It's in pretty good shape.  The only good find at the Goodwill in Fairview Heights last Saturday.


Actually, I did get a bangin' leather jacket there too...of which The Girlfriend is particularly enamored

of.  Both were a straight bargain, the jacket being only $ give you an idea.  This was a mess

though.  I spent some real time cleaning this up.  I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the

right time as the booster chair was on one of those carts the staff rolls out like a feeding trough to the

hungry hoarders trolling about their local thrift.  I just turned around and there it was!


This is one of those examples of a piece that draws me exclusively through the merits of it's design.

I have absolutely NO use for one of these, but I just love 'em...I can't help myself.  I'd almost start a 

collection of them but for the rarity of finding them.  If I'd have known I was going to find a second

so quickly I might have kept the first!  No...I got way to many collections going on already.  So this

one too will be dropped off at The Green Shag Market very soon. (Didn't even make it there!  Sold

it on Craigslist)


  1. Ok.. long time lurker.. I soooooo want one of these.. for no good reason either.. (1 child 18 yrs old.. no grandchildren yet THANKGOD!)... how much? will you mail? I live in Florida.

    1. Hi Rosemarie.

      Sorry, I don't do any shipping. It just costs too much and is such a pain. The lil green guy is spoken for already anyway. Getting picked up tomorrow. BTW, we LOVE FLA. We vacation in various parts there a lot.

  2. I just found an off white one at the thrift today! That makes 3 at our house. We use them everyday, they are a great height at a low slung coffee table. Now that we have 3, I just may have to have another kid to sit in the new one! Ha!
    I was told these are recommended for Montessori schooling/homes. The last one you had in your booth I told a customer about because she had been looking for one. She said she was headed straight to your booth!

    1. Hi Hannah.

      Thanks for the recommendation! That first one went Bye Bye quick! Maybe you can ship your new addition to FLA?

    2. Hannah if you're interested in getting rid of your latest... we could see if we could make a deal

  3. Rosemarie,
    I also just found a green one if you are interested. Ironically enough I found it while on vacation in Florida at a thrift and just couldn't leave it behind. I'd be glad to ship, or hand deliver. :)
    Email me if interested.