Friday, August 3, 2012

Just One Item To Show Off Today? How LAZY Am I? Susan....Susan, Susan, Susan. I Can't Think Of A Clever Way To Work In SUSAN. Status: It's A Lazy Susan...What Ya Gonna Do?


I just about forgot all about this Miramar of California Lazy Susan.  I had it all wrapped up in news paper in the bottom of the box that had all that Jackson China I picked up in New York while on vacation.  Picked it up at the same Salvation Army Family Thrift Store too.


For some reason this set was split up between the center piece and the four outer bowls.  I guess

since there wasn't a turntable included, the thrift store didn't know that this was all supposed to go

together.  Again, I can hardly believe the set survived the donation / thrift store process, but it's in

excellent condition!


What do ya think might have been served in this setup?  I'm thinking that chips and a dip would

almost work except that there's not really much room for the chips.  Maybe different nuts in the

bowls but what would you want to cover besides dip?  I've had a couple glasses of wine (Peter

Vella - Chardonnay California box) and am drawing a blank.  Oh wait!  Shrimp Coctail!  Shazzam.


Yeah, fill the center with Cocktail Sauce, two of the ramikans with nice big Gulf Shrimp and the

other two with Fried / Breaded Mushrooms, add a couple of friends, a couple bottles of nice

wine and turn on a marathon of House M. D.  Set for the evening.  He's such a jerk...but I love

the show!  And Gulf Shrimp, Fried Mushrooms, nice wine and friends...not necessarily in that order.


Sure, you could do all that with a couple of mismatched "hand me down" plastic bowls and Dixie

cups, but how classy would that be?  I've already got plenty of ways to show off how classy I many that guests have to step over boxes and boxes of them.  Classy, I know.  So I think

I'll let this one go.  I'll hang a tag around the knob on that classy lid, take it down to the Green

Shag Market
and see if maybe there is another classy person out there just waiting to find this

pink beauty.


Right, the turntable. The set didn't have one when I picked it up. I found that piece at a local thrift

store all by it's lonesome. The two (two? seven!) fit together perfectly. I feel pretty good getting

this all together and helping to get it into a loving new home. It's a little more vintagey that the rest

of my offerings but hey, it's an antique mall! It fits in fine.


  1. I love it! I;ve got a few & use them everytime I have a party.

  2. Super cute! How big is it? I have one (of a very different style) for which I keep thinking, but never get around to doing rice in the center, and different curries all around. Mmm, curries...

  3. How lazy am I? Just call me Susan.