Monday, August 27, 2012

So What DID I Pick Up Saturday At The Local Thifts? I Just BARELY Got This Matched Set Of Retro Living Room Table Shot This Afternoon Before...Rain! It Is Finally Raining Again In The Mid West! Status: Moist.


Rain we needed but it just came at the wrong time of least for me! It was my own fault. I had all day to get out, clean these up and shoot some pictures. I was just too lazy to get out when it was dry. It's easy to get complacent when it hasn't rained in weeks and you feel like you have forever to get things done.


A matching coffee table would be nice, but not everybody uses or needs a coffee table..right?

Not everybody has the room for one either. When you're pickin' at the thrifts you don't get to be

choosey! Still, I felt pretty lucky to have found these before they got snatched up by another lucky

buyer! As a matter of fact, they were getting the "once over" while we were paying for them!


Even after a lot of much needed cleanup, they both have some finish issues.  I'm kind of on the

fence as to what to do here.  If I go down the refinish path it's gonna require full on sanding

down to raw wood to do it right.  I'm not sure I'd ever finish it up if I do that.  I though about

cleaning up the finish real nice as is and painting the the damaged checks in a checker board

fashion.  That wouldn't be too hard and would probably look great!  Or, I might just stick them

in the Booth Space (44) at the Green Shag as is and let the next adventurous owner make

the call!


  1. Either way, those hairpin legs alone were worth the price of admission.

    1. Hi Nick.

      At first I thought it weird that the corner table lacked the hairpin legs but then I realized that they would be hard to see anyway with a sectional sofa covering both sides. I wonder if there IS a coffee table out there somewhere with hairpin legs missing it's mates.