Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Picked Up A Couple Golden Clad Eames / Miller Beauties After Work Last Night. Another Late Night Craigslist Rendevous. Status: Bargain / Score!


For about a week and a half it seems like there's been so little worth grabbing up ANYWHERE!  I got next to nothing at the Belleville Flea.  I did manage to procure a nice set of...something (I'll show ya later - promise!) at a thrift Saturday but otherwise there's been very little to be had that way.  And craigslist has been somewhat dry too.  But these popped up Monday afternoon...and they were cheap, cheap, cheap.


But once again, I overpaid the ridiculously low asking price.  More than double, ostensibly to

comp. the seller for meeting me at such a late hour.  I contacted the seller via the phone # provided

and explained to him that I wouldn't be able to pick the set up until about 11pm.  He was down with

that...after I haggle UP the price!


Yeah, there's some damage to the original vinyl upholstery.  Who cares.  It's gold vinyl.  I might

be able to muster more appreciation for the color if it was in great shape but I'm looking to replace

it.  Anybody got a good lead on replacement pads for Eames Aluminum Group Management /

Side Chairs?  If I can't find a cost effective route toward replacement I might just cover these

with some other material in some fashion or another.  Or I might just move them as is...if

anybody is interested, that is.


  1. Never knew that HM did gold Vinyl, oh so Star Trek!

  2. Try Herman Miller for replacements.

  3. I've got a pair of AG chairs at my upholsterer's in Chicago right now. Having them buffed and redone in leather. He said he'd give me the old seats, which are maroon Girard hopsack fabric that need a vacuum and a steam, when he's done.

    As it turns out, I'm moving from Chicago to St Louis at the end of the month, so I can even deliver! Looking forward to treasure-hunting in the Lou!