Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Number Five And Six! Two More Hard To Find Vintage Modern Fireplace Tool Sets. Status: Soon To Be Available!


The vintage modern brutalist fireplace tool set I featured here a few days ago is now available at the Green Shag Market in Booth 44.  It was the fourth such set of tools like this to pass through our doors here.  Our first set has moved on to the Living Analog joint, we have a keeper set and now I have FOUR sets available!


It all started out so innocently!  We moved into a house with an actual working fireplace and

needed some real tools to work the logs.  So of course we picked up the first common set we

could find at the thrift store.  They were brassy and gaudy.  They needed replacement.


It took about a year of looking but Dan came to the rescue with our first set.  It's now at the Living

Analog pad
since we found our current set at the Salvation Army thrift.  Now they are just showing

up everywhere
for me!  I've found three sets in the last month.  One more set late last year.  When

it rains, it pours!


So of course I've got no reason to keep these all these extra sets. What I would REALLY like to

find is a nice vintage modern set of andirons for the fireplace. They'll show up...sooner or later. I

stupidly passed on a set of semi art deco andirons about two years ago at an estate sale. They're

out there. I just gotta find 'em!

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