Friday, August 10, 2012

Didn't I Show You All These Lamps? Yeah, On Our Way Home We Stopped In Some Little Town In New York State And Found These At A Thrift Store! Status: Nice Pair.


We took a little shortcut in New York between highway 90 and 87 both going to and from Lake George and on the "from" leg we managed to spend a little time in Ballston Spa. We found a nice (pricey) antique gallery AND a (cheap) little thrift store. Guess which got my hard earned cash.


Finding a nice pair of matched vintage lamps is not easy. I found this out when asked if I had a

matched set and realized that I didn't and decided to start looking. When I found this pair I was

actually broke. Not Broke broke...just - I didn't have any cash on hand. Hey, look...we just spent

like two weeks on the road On Vacation. Right, so the Girlfriend had to get some cash from the

ATM and buy these for me. Girlfriend to the rescue! Let's try to focus on the lamps.


Not only did I find a matched pair of lamps, but a matched pair of shades in very nice condition.

And the shades made it all the way back without getting messed up! These were in a little thrift

store that was in Ballston Spa NY on the corner of West High and Church. I think the building

used to be a church as well and the thrift was likely a non profit serving some local organization

or another.


Unfortunately, the only bits that don't actually match on these lamps is the brass bases. One is

much more tarnished than the other! What the??? I'm guessing that one of the lamps must have

been by a heat source or something, maybe light from a window? Anyway, placed far enough

apart, you probably wouldn't notice...but I do - and that spells trouble. I'm thinking about

shooting the bases with Satin Black. Any dissenters?


One of the cool little details about the bases is this nice little touch. Notice that there is a second small piece of walnut between the base and the stack. Nice! I'll be careful not to get any paint on it, promise! These will be heading to Booth 44 at the Green Shag Market as soon as I get the little details cleaned up...and the paint dries!


  1. NOOOOO! Don't paint them please!

  2. I agree...let it go! It's a shame to paint them. They are lovely despite the slight difference!

  3. No painting! Let the buyer make that decision. I am always turned off when a seller has done that to the original finish. The lamps have nice mid century lines.

  4. I am with the rest of them - it would be ashame to paint them especially if you are not keeping them for yourself. The lamps are killer!

  5. Please don't paint them! They are beautiful as is.

  6. Agree, perhaps try a little brass polish.

  7. Negative on the paint! If they won't clean leave for someone elses Karma to be damaged! They have some really nice clean lines!

  8. No! Do not paint! Original patina is best.

  9. Satin black paint would just RUIN the looks of them!