Sunday, August 12, 2012

The Newest Additions To The Modtomic Crew. Meet Larry McDuff And The Flirt. Status: Ah, Youth.


The Girlfriend has issues with things going stale. Not just bread, crackers or chips...the "scene" has to be kept fresh too! Enter Larry McDuff a few weeks back and The Flirt (as I have come to refer to it), the Girlfriends two new best friends.


After about a year and a half of not having Kennedy to warm our laps anymore the Girlfreind just

couldn't take it anymore and we broke down and addopted a new kitty. He came to us named

"McDuff" but the Girlfriend wanted to give him her personal name and that came out "Larry". I just

call him the Duffel Bag. He's settling in and warming up to us. He certainly is a cutey pie and kind

of a ham, don't ya think?


Then...yesterday (Friday) she comes home with This! What do we have for our contestant 

today Charlie? Well Mr. Mod - It's a Brand - New - Car! Yep, she got a wild hair and sprung

for her first new car ever. It's pretty cool too. It's a 2012 Ford Fiesta. We test drove one a few

weeks back and then did some looking around at all the other options out there. This one won.

I's not a furniture hauler...but check it out - this is why it got bought ->


It gets about the same CITY MPG as Frank get on the HIGHWAY! Sure, you give up a fair

amount of cargo room, but Frank ain't going nowhere. The Girlfriend was driving the Volvo

which got about 27 MPG Highway AND required Premium Fuel. Ouch. But going from the

Volvo (which was like driving a velvet upholstered supertanker) to this feather weight is a BIG

adjustment! It's taught and firm and drives much more like a little 5 door go cart!


It's fun to drive and good on gas but I'll stick with a good ol' Focus Wagon. Frank can crank out

30 MPG all day long in mixed driving and the difference per year between 30 MPG and 40 MPG

(@ $3.50 a Gal. driving 15,000 miles a year) is $437.50. I needs my Cargo Room...and am

willing to pay for it!


  1. Larry totally looks like a ham! Yeah, he's gonna fit right in with you.

  2. I'm driving a somewhat ancient Ford Ranger pick up and would love to find a full size van to replace it with, damn the mpg. Athough I hear the Sprinter vans get pretty reasonable milage they are way out of range for my pocketbook! The Ranger isn't pretty but it's dependable and paid for!
    That's a cute bundle of kitten. Looks mischevious!

  3. Larry is adorable. He looks a lot like a cat name Banana Man we had when my daughter was a kid.

  4. Larry is a real cutie. He looks like such a bright-eyes!!! And best of luck on the new Fiesta!!! I love the looks of it! I've been driving Fords for a while now, first a T-bird I bought new in California, and currently a Focus that I bought new in 2004. Have been happy with both!!

  5. Ooh! I love Larry! Such a pretty boy! That's a pretty sweet ride too, let me tell ya.

  6. Larry is adorable! He looks like he's all ready for his "Pets on Furniture" Desire to Inspire feature as well. Cheers - CT

  7. That MSRP isn't anything to sneer at, either! Good job!