Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Mid-Summer's Evening Craigslist Score. August Welcomed Mr. Modtomic With Another Piece Of Paul McCobb For My Growing Collection. Status: Col (wait for it) lected.


Today was a good day.  What a way to end a pretty brutal July.  Frank got a brand new windshield and Mr. Modtomic got a Paul McCobb secretary desk!  The windshield is flawless but the secretary...well, come on inside and I'll show ya.


Have you spotted the issue yet?  Yeah, it's that top drawer.  It ain't right.  I've not had much

experience with McCobb furniture so I wasn't sure about it when I gave the desk a once over

but upon closer inspection once home it's quite obvious that it don't belong.  At least the person

who made it did a decent job of blending it in.


Otherwise the piece is in very nice shape!  Usable as is.  It's a direct match to my other recent

Paul McCobb find: the table cabinet...thing
.  What the heck is that called?  Dunno.  It's also a

close cousin to the McCobb secretary that CT picked up at Vandeventer Vintage for the Living

Analog abode.


I felt pretty lucky that the missing drawer wasn't this one.  It's nice to find that Winchendon

Furniture Company label in there.  My other piece - the table with cabinet - doesn't have the

label.  Unlike my other piece, this one popped up on craigslist and within an hour was in the

back of Frank.  I had been looking through craigslist earlier in the day so it was "up" when I

went back to it after watching some Storm Chasers (I'm a junky for that stuff) on Netflix.  It

had only been published a few minutes earlier and probably only been live for a minute or two

when I spotted it.  I shot off an e-mail offering more than asking and the (incredulous) seller

called me back ASAP.  Sold.


See the difference in drawer construction? I should have noticed this when I gave the desk a once

over in the sellers basement but it actually didn't matter. I would have bought it anyway. Maybe I'll

get lucky and find another otherwise damaged piece with a good drawer that I can scavenge.

Weirder things have happened!


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  2. Great find, even with the replacement drawer.

  3. it looks awesome even with the work done :)

  4. Another Paul! We love ours and it stores so much stuff while still looking so debonair on the outside. Your Paul's legs are a little different than mine -- pulled in from the cabinet sides. Enjoy - CT

  5. What a coincidence...We just picked up a Planner Group cabinet and two benches from the refinisher, and I have a post about them scheduled for tomorrow. Ours is like the one you found earlier. I love the grasscloth doors on the things. Pretty cool, huh?