Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Well, What ELSE Did Mr. Modtomic Sweep Up In His Local Traps This Weekend? You Probably Scoped Out The Big Items Yesterday, Today It's Smalls. Status: Stock For Booth 44!


I've already got the tags made up! Well, some of 'em, anyway. I got stuff leaving the booth right and left. I need to keep replacement items ready and waiting to drop off on my way to work. It's good to keep things fresh and full in the booth. I'm glad that it's sorta on my way to work.


This was the last photo I got to take on Saturday before the deluge (light rain, actually...but it

felt like a downpour!). I was hoping to get the smalls shot so I wouldn't have anything to do

this morning...but that plan fell flat on it's face. No worries. It was nice and sunny today!


Sunny day's make for good shooting and a happy Mr. This bun steamer matches a nice set of

coffee, tea and sugar canisters I have out in the garage. I'll get them all out and bundle this all

up for the booth space. I hope I can find some space for them. I hate to get thing TOO cluttered

but it's easy to see how that happens now that I'm on the other side of the buyer / seller

arrangement at an antique mall.


Majolica! But I can't find another like it. Below the "Majolica" are two more words. The second

is Indonesia but I can't make out the first. Anybody know what it is? Anybody have a clue as to

how old this vase is? I'm loving the atomic yet organic decoration on it.


Hmmm... I've got an ashtray decorated much like the Majolica vase signed "Mana". Anybody

got anything on that?  Very similar but I don't think they are related, do you?


I got this so dang cheap that even after I get my little cut and the Green Shag gets theirs, this

thing is going to be priced so low that it'll probably last like a day in the booth!  It's a great little

place to keep your magazines or, if you Love music enough to actually spin vinyl, a place to

keep some of your favorites handy near your turntable.  It'll make it's way to Booth 44 soon,



  1. I'm loving that cute little magazine rack. How much are you asking?


    1. Hi Sandie.

      I'm gonna put $10 on it and cringe. I probably won't get to even set it down before someone swipes it from me!