Thursday, August 2, 2012

I Got Myself Together Early Enough Today To Drop Off A Handful Of Smalls At My Antique Mall Booth. Just Some Items I've Picked Up Here And There Lately. Status: Yeah, Cluttered.


Putting together smalls for the booth space (44) has been inexplicably (and inexcusably) difficult for me.  How can this be when I've got so much....stuff!?   Just like those crotchety old codgers the fellas on American Pickers go up against from time to time...I've become attached.

The problem is, I might have bought most of those smalls with an idea that they were worth much

more than I was paying for them but I didn't have an easy outlet through which to pass them on

to another owner so easily and therefore have had them for a time.  Time enough to get attached.

I've figured out the secret: clean it - photograph it - tag it and get to the Green Shag Market ASAP. 


I found this set a while back at the thrift store and kinda hemmed and hawed about picking them

up.  I can't really tell if they are vintage or not.  In the end I figured, they've got the look and they

are high quality and that's what matters in the end.  It is unfortunate that there are 6 of each

Except for the small forks (salad forks?) of which there are only 5.  Stainless Japan - available

at the booth 44.


This little desk lamp helped pull success from the jaws of defeat last weekend on a check of the

local traps.  The little decanter below also helped a bit.  But this desk lamp...with it's subtle hint

of danish modern finery...was the real score that day.  It uses one of those funky long skinny

bulbs and such wasn't supplied so I've really no idea if it actually works.  I can't imagine it

doesn't....but if you must have it, as is where is.  Pays your money and takes your chances.

(I'll likely be getting a bulb for it soon and test it proper.)


I've never ever in all my many many years seen a milk glass decanter like this, have you?  I do

wish it had a lid but I've no genie on hand to grant such a wish.  It'd make a great little bud vase.

It's a great display piece if you are into clean, white, vintage nick nacks in any event.  Oh, and

since it doesn't accept a bulb of any sort it can't be tested.  You're on your own.


Ok, full disclosure: I didn't take this to the booth yet.  I want to give a good cleaning first.  But

check it out.  A Double Wide!  Does this kinda make you ladies want to put your hair up in

empty beer cans for curlers?  Don't laugh, I've seen it done....well, in New Orleans during

Halloween anyway.  Note that this particular unit has that center divider.  I've seen a number

of these double wides at the flea markets, thrift stores and other sundry venues but mostly they

lack that very important piece.  This one don't...get ready to snatch it up when it arrives at

booth 44!


There you have it. Most of what I dropped off this afternoon.  Except for that silver thing there

on the right. it's stead, I included the super rad retro lamp that I picked up a while

.  I just realized that I was never going to include it in the household and it was too cool to

just salt away never to be seen.  It needs to be appreciated...sold and someone


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  1. Just a freindly suggestion, from experience. If an item has a plug on it, the buyer wants to know if it works. Buy the bulb and if it's pricey, leave it at the front desk. That way the cashier can demonstrate it lights, and you get the asking price. You don't have to include the bulb unless feeling generous.