Sunday, August 19, 2012

Didn't Bring Much Home But It Weren't For Lack Of Opportunity! Belleville Flea Market Weekend Tour. Status: Still Open Sunday!


Dansk Kobenstyle...and lots of it!  It was priced a little out of my comfort zone but damn, ain't it sexy?  And who'd have guessed this would turn up at the Belleville Flea?  I love the crazy randomness of  what can be found here!

Lots of round things. We debated as to whether the martini caddy was vintage.  It took me a little

minute to figure out that the white pod was actually a fan.  The little blue Panasonic radio was

missing too many stickers / labels.  I love art deco.  That mirror / powder station is fab.


Lots of colorful things. A nice selection of vintage candy dishes and compotes.  It might not be

the Barbie Dream House but it's mad mod!  This fella was selling off his nicely curated collection

of retro ashtrays.  If I didn't already have a ton myself...I might've freed him up some space.


Lots of things to display.  Jesus OR a unicorn on velvet!  The choices are endless...well, you got

two anyway.  I'm a big fan of brass boats on the marble seas.  And ceramic bull fights?

Get outa here!


Lots of stuff to use. OK, that may be stretching the description a bit.  Sure, anybody can find a

use for some plastic dinnerware but I'm not entirely sure what you might use the chemical set for!

And who has a land line anymore?  But Jarts!  Yes, please!  Dangerous indeed.


Lots of...other stuff.  If you are reading this in the early AM you can still drop by the Belle Clair

Fairgrounds and perhaps still snatch up any of these fine wares.  There are bound to be better

deals Sunday as sellers start worrying about having to pack stuff back up.  Get out there, it's

gonna be another wonderful day!


  1. Had plans to go but they fell through..oh well I want to spend spend spend when I get there!

  2. Holy Cow! I need to save my nickels and go to the next do I find the next one? That stuff was ridiculous awesome!

  3. I think I could have walked away with my arms full maybe more than once, if the prices are any good at all. Lots of good lookin' stuff going on there!

  4. Jarts!! We had those as a kid, along with so many other unbelievably hazardous toys. It's a wonder I made it to adulthood. I'd have snatched those up in a second!
    Thanks for a fun post!