Saturday, August 25, 2012

People Keep Trying To Clean Out My Booth! I Have To Keep Going Back With More! Status: Restock!


I got a text from the fine folks at the Green Shag Market yesterday that the pair of Glass and Chrome Side / End Tables had found new digs.  Crap...I had lots of stuff displayed on those!  I really liked them in the booth too!  They were perfect for displaying there since they were glass and light passed through.  Oh well, I had to get something else in there.


I love these plant stands. You'll see them at antique malls all the time...with NFS tags attached.

You won't find one in MY booth with such a damnable tag attached! Actually I love these but I

don't keep plants and can't find any other use for them. Straight to Booth 44! Well, not straight...

It needed some attention. But it looks all purdy now!


I just found this Dansk Kobenstyle large fry pan at a shop in Jacksonville the day I picked up

the Panton S chairs I featured yesterday. It was at one of two small antique malls on the road I

took in and out of town. Jacksonville looks like it might have lots of good places to shop for

vintage. Anyway, this Dansk frying pan has been used but it's in great shape AND it has it's lid.

I've seen quite a number of these for sale on eBay sans lid. Looks nice don't it? Notice a theme

yet? White?


I also finally got around to painting the legs of the amazing Skylark Boomerang Formica table.

What color? White, of course! Looks great too!  I brought in that table, the Dansk Frying Pan,

the Plant Stand, the stone mosaic top small coffee table, and a set of folding walnut and black

vinyl dining chairs.  Kinda filled the joint back up.  I may go back down Saturday and re-

arrange.  I just barely had time today to load this all in and get it to fit at all!


  1. Having to constantly replace stuff is just a great problem to have! I'd much rather be scrambling to replace items that've sold than the alternative :)

    1. Hi A Mod.

      No Doubt! I'm really (pleasantly) surprised at how well I'm doing at the antique mall! The first month was shakey since after rent I cleared like $35 and not much moved. But things have really picked up nicely! I have a great relationship with the owner / operators too. They contact me right away when a "hole" opens up in my booth so I can start planning what to put in it. It's good to have a lot of stock waiting in the wings (living room).