Friday, August 10, 2012

Just A Quick Note To Mourn The Passing Of David Rakoff (1964 - 2012), The Smoothest Voice In Public Radio. His Wit, Humor And Tounge In Cheek Self Deprecating Manner Will Sorely Be Missed. Status: Loss.

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I just heard on NPR this afternoon that David Rakoff - noted author and amazing writer / speaker - was lost to the cancer that he'd been at odds with for a large portion of his life. Read more here.
David Rakoff was quite prolific on NPR and if you're going to be browsing around the web for a while you should listen to some of his essays, like this one - one of my favorites - which I think is a great introduction to him and his work if you've never heard of him.


  1. Really sad. He was an amazing guy with a truly talented and remarkable voice. I hope that somehow, we will see the end of cancer in our lifetime. It just keeps taking remarkable souls away.

  2. I'm sure that you've already heard it but just in case, the This American Life episode about him this week was really amazing and poignant: