Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Stuff Up Front At The Green Shag Market. This Section Is Reserved For Consignment Sales And Is Where Some Of The Best Stuff Lands. Status: Available.


I've taken the rest of the week off and with Monday being a holiday, it's like a mini-vacation...only I ain't going nowhere.  At least I don't have any plans to go anywhere.  So I'll be down at my booth space at the Green Shag Market bugging the owners and other vendors a lot!

Even without a frame I was pretty smitten with this painting.  But yeah, it really needs a frame. 

Wish I had a miter saw.  I'd put one together for it out of some molding!  That swivel chair ain't

to shabby either!  It swivels but has a spring mechanism that returns it to center.  Funky!


You might remember this incredible executive desk from a photo in a post a few days ago.  It's

so amazing that wanted to get some proper pics of it today.  It's not perfect but it's priced so

well that someone with a bit of time and energy on their hands could pick this up at a bargain

price and turn it into the centerpiece it used to be.


I saw this chair in the photos of an estate sale last weekend that I Almost went to...just for this

chair!  In the pics they didn't show these fantastic cushions in electric orange.  The seller told

me that she didn't even pick it up on the first day of the sale.  It was still there on the second

day!  What?!?


The upholstery seems perfect. It's so good I had to ask if she had re-done it! Nope. And the

cushions were nice and firm without feeling like they might turn to dust tomorrow. I asked today

if the Green Shag Market would be open Monday since it's going to be a three day weekend

and got the thumbs up.


So if you can't make during the week, you've got a three day weekend to get down there and

snatch this stuff up before someone else does! Hey, it happens. I arrived at the mall today to

find a "Hold" tag on my Clear and Chrome Pod chair and then got an e-mail later this evening

asking if it was still available.


  1. Do you know what that little table thing is in the pics of the orange chair? The one next to the zebra print chair? An end table? An ash tray??

    1. Hi Anony.

      I think it's an ashtray / magazine stand. It's really cool and I can hardly believe it hasn't been snatched up yet!

  2. That desk is an exact match with my credenza! We went in there to have a look around the other day and saw it. If it weren't so big/kinda expensive I'd have that thing home right now.

    1. Hi Nick.

      You should totally get that desk! I don't know how we'd get it into your joint though. Maybe knock out a wall or something. You need more house repairs!

    2. Do you know who sells out of that booth? The woman I bought the credenza from was a collector, so perhaps it's the same person and this is the other half of the office set.

  3. The desk is a bit high to flip but that's a great end user price. The orange chair however, I think could go for double that. Bet it's not there long!

    1. Hi A Mod.

      Things are flying out the door at the Green Shag! And there are some great things there right now. Did you see Nick's credenza that matches that desk?