Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Lil' Gathering Of Some Of The Smalls I've Hunted And Gathered Over The Last Week Or So. Status: Diminutive!


All I found at the Belleville Flea was the little lamp and the Deco vase beside it.  For the life of me I really can't remember where I picked up the "Thorpe" fade cordial glasses.  Picked up the Brush planter Sunday from the Value Village after poking about my Booth at the Green Shag.


We noticed this little retro lamp at the Belleville Flea Market Saturday when we first arrived.  It

didn't have a price tag on it and I didn't have the patience to deal with a seller who doesn't price

their wares.  Well...it was still sitting there (surprise surprise) when we were on our way out so I

deigned to ask what they wanted for it.  It was stupid cheap and I felt like a heel.  I ponied up

and home it came with us.  Neato - the base lights up!


Where the heck did I get these?  Ain't they grand?!  They might be keepers.  I've got such a

great collection of "Dorothy Thorpe" style glassware now.  Note that even the bases are chromed! 

You know, I think that one of the first collectible bar ware items was a "Thorpe" fade set that my

Mom picked up for me at an auction.


Brush Quality.  Nice place for your keys!  Dunno about change 'cuz it'd fill up pretty quick.  I've

never actually tried to plant and grow anything in one.  Maybe I'll grow some grass in this for

Duffel Bag the kitter cat.  I don't even know if he knows that he should want to eat grass!


When I spotted this at the flea mkt. I about did a spit take.  I have one just like it and you

know how I am about sets!  There was another at the flea but it was a dark amber color and

CONSIDERABLY more expensive, so it stayed where it was.  The only other one I've seen

was in an antique mall in Chicago and it was REAL expensive.  I love the simple Deco design. 

If I had four of them I'd use them as beer glasses!


  1. That lamp is pretty sweet. Love the shade!

  2. Yah-I love that lamp, too-plus the base lights up!!! :)

  3. I squealed with delight when I saw the photo of your new "beer glass"! I have a dark amber colored one that used to belong to my grandma. I've been using it as a vase. How expensive was the one you saw? Do I need to relocate mine from the credenza to a secure location? :)