Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Two Mod Ice Buckets. Found In Two Sizes. Found In Two Colors. Found In Two Different Places. Yet So Similar! Status: Headed To The Antique Mall. Want One?


I picked up the red vinyl ice bucket on half a lark while out checking traps Saturday in St. Charles.  I though, "Well, it's eye catching and it'll drag some attention into the antique mall booth" and bought it with that in mind as I already have the coolest ice bucket I think I'll ever find.  Then, while out at the Wentzville Flea, I found it's little buddy - this yellow vinyl ice bucket!

DSCN1388DSCN1390Besides my Atomic Bullet style ice bucket, I don't

know if I've ever come across more delightful ice

buckets than these.  They really POP in they're bright,

vivid vinyl primary colors.  The yellow one almost fits

inside the red one.  I don't know why but I kinda

wish I could "nest" them...like Pyrex mixing bowls!

I'd love to say the handles are made from Lucite but

I'm just not sure.  I'm closer to saying the little handle

on the red lid is Lucite, but for all I know it's plexiglass.

Did ya see the matching ice tongs for the red bucket?

DSCN1389DSCN1391Nice!  Gotta make up some tags for these and get

them down to the Booth at the Green Shag Market.

I'm pretty sure I'll be tagging up and taking the

Baughman recliner from yesterday with me as well.

I've also got a couple other new items to take so as

to fill the void left by the sale of quite a few items

including the Leather and Bentwood Rocking Chair,

a danish style teak table and the four Frem Rojle

dining chairs, the Eames / Miller dining table, the

Lane walnut and tile coffee table and various smalls.

This last month has been particularly great.


It was fun walking in last Saturday and trying to figure out what all was gone!  We couldn't suss

it all out and went through the "sold" tag bag again being surprised by what we missed!  I took

in the pair of lamps that I was threatening to paint the bases of a few days ago.  Everybody can

relax...for now.  I didn't paint the mismatched bases.  I left them as is and we'll see if they sell. 

If not, I'll bring them home and slather those bases without a hint of remorse!  But for now,

you've convinced me not to paint the brass.  We'll see how it goes.


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  1. They are wonderful. I wonder if there could be some sort of alternative use for them, pencils, planter, a few rolled up magazines! Love your blog!