Tuesday, December 17, 2013

I Have Been Hoping To Find One Of These For Years! "A Slide Projector?" You Say...Not Just Any Slide Projector, An AUTOMATIC ADVANCE Slide Projector! Status: Party Entertainment!


I've already got two other slide projectors that I bought years ago...but, as it turned out, neither would automatically change the slides.  I was almost sure there was such a thing but had just never stumbled across one until Sunday afternoon.


I so wish I had some of my hundreds of vintage slide handy to perhaps show you why I want a slide

projector.  I have tons of vacation slides from the '60s stored in steel slide boxes that I picked up at

estate sales over the years.  My intention has always been to load up the carousels with thematically

similar slides and have them projected against a wall in the living room or perhaps outside during a

party, but who wants to sit there and constantly have to advance the projector?  Not this guy!


So when I spotted this Kodak Carousel 850 Projector with a built in timer at the Goodwill...my little

heart jumped up into my throat!  Could it be?  Might this be the white whale I've searching for all

these years?  I plugged it in at the test station and slid that plastic indicator over and much to my

amazement, the unit started advancing itself!  Mission Accomplished!


Does it work?  Of course!  Bonus, it even still has its wired remote.  Too bad I didn't have this a week

or two ago since we JUST had a party over the weekend, but I don't think I have any Christmas theme

slides anyway.  It'll be fun to go through all those slides and try to get them in some kind of order.  I

started to years ago, so I've probably already got a head start.  Soon as I get on this project I'll show

you some of the great slides I've got, promise!


  1. My dad had one of these and now I have it. He took about 2000 slides from the 50's to the 80's and we had them copied to Cd's for the entire family. The slides were stored in boxes so they have not faded. Great find!

  2. Heard of Charles Phoenix? he is the master of the humorous kitschy slideshow: http://www.charlesphoenix.com