Sunday, December 29, 2013

::SIGH:: Moving AGAIN! Well, Not REALLY Moving, Just Relocating To A Much Larger Booth In The Creve Coure Antique Mall. A MUCH Large Booth!!! Status: Space Problem Solved!


Not in booth 195 for even a whole month and I'm already preparing to move to another.  Ah, but this is my Dream Booth!  Well, almost...I do wish it had more visibility to the antique mall general population.


All this space.....and it's mine.   MINE!!!!  Well, it's not mine just yet.  The present vendor is still

moving out and they are seriously discounting the items you see in here now to move it quick!  I

might have even purchased a vintage steel shelf unit from them that will probably end up back in here



The only "issue" with this huge room I'll be trying to fill up soon (no really, it that big) is that this

doorway is the only view into the space from the main room of the antique mall.  See that sign up

there that says "Furniture Room"?  I'm hoping to make a much more appropriate sign to hang there,

making it much easier to find my stuff.


Is that a lot of space or what?!  Mr. Modtomic is gonna have room to properly stage a proper vendor!  This is gonna be so much fun and the fun starts January 2nd.  I'm gonna

be able to clean out the spare bedroom and maybe a little of the garage, too!


It's almost like having a whole shop all to myself within the antique mall...and it's open 7 Days A

Week!  So, if you're in the area next weekend and you wanna stop by and maybe say hi, I'm sure I'll

be here moving new items in and arranging them.  I"m sure I'd LOVE to take a break and talk shop

with anybody who will!  Just look for the guy with the mutton chop side burns.


  1. Congratulations. And I really like your blog. Especially the educational posts about specific items. Thanks

  2. Congrats! That does look like a huge space to fill! I'm sure it will be fun filling and arranging it.

  3. Congrats! Can't wait to see you fill it up!

  4. Wow is that ever a HUGE antique mall booth (nay, tis a room)!

  5. Thanks So Much everybody for the positive words. I've almost got the old shop in St. Charles cleared out. The booth here in Creve Coeur is looking a little crowded with some of the extra stuff but I'll be moving all that into the new space very soon. Back wrenching work, this.