Sunday, December 1, 2013

I JUST Found The All Christmas Music Radio Station And Now I Got The Perfect Boombox For The Season! This Red '80s Magnavox Boombox Was Waiting For Me At The Goodwill Yesterday. Works Like A Charm. Status: Available.


Find your leg warmers, get out your Hall And Oates Christmas cassette tape, plug this bad boy in and make your holiday party special!  Yup, this bright red boombox could be yours!  I'll be dropping it (and a few other items) off at the booth in The Green Shag Tomorrow (hopefully).


Fully tested!  Everything works.  There just happened to be a cassette right there by the electrical test

station at the thrift store.  What was MISSING was a price.  I hate asking the staff to price items

because lots of times they just wont do it.  The idea being that they don't want unscrupulous buyers

removing a price tag in hopes of getting a better price, I guess.  At any rate, they scribbled a good

price on it for me and home it came.


It was covered in dust too.  I was surprised that it was on the floor in such a condition.  I think it may

have gotten out by mistake.  Our thrifts are pretty good about cleaning anything at least to a degree

before displaying it.  They've cultivated a certain buyership that expects to find new Target castoffs

and might be turned off by anything with detritus attached.  No matter, I don't mind doing their job

sometimes...especially for a good item at a good price!


  1. Aww I got one of these as a Christmas gift back in fourth grade :)

    1. Hi Ammy.

      What was your favorite band back then?