Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The '68 Exhibit. Has Anybody Been? I Hate To Say That I Didn't Even Know About It Until Today When My Good Friend Kevin Sent Me A Couple Of Pics Of The St. Louis Installation. Status: Intrigued.


While I was at work today my friend Kevin sent me a couple of quick photos of the '68 Exhibit at the St. Louis History Museum in Forest Park.  Once I got home I looked around for some other pics of the exhibit to share with you from other installations.  I gotta go check this out.


My first thought was "where's the rest of that chair?", but my interest was piqued.  After perusing

some of the other photos of the installation on the web, I'm definitely interested in going...maybe this


1968 exhibit, Oakland Museum
Frighteningly perfect metaphor... a med-evac Huey in the livingroom
Minnesota History Center that a Huey in the living room?  Yup.  I also spotted a mock up of the command module

from the Apollo space missions in some of the photos.  Dunno what all will be at the St. Louis venue

though.  Looks like it should be interesting in any case!

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