Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Just In Time For Christmas! Something To Utterly Confuse Your Children With...A Phonograph! Hmmm...Some Of You Might Just Be Young Enough To Have Never Blown The Dust Off A 12 Inch LP Yourself. Status: Available.


C'mon, you know you wanna give your kid this Fisher Price record player and have the most ironically cool gift under the tree this year!  You'd get to be all cool like the guys in High Fidelity and explain to your lucky lucky offspring how these fragile, delicate vinyl discs actually contain the most accurate audio representation of music...and then get the eye roll of the true keepers of the cool.


I don't think I ever had one of these, but my older sister might have.  I do seem to remember listening

to LPs (Long Playing records) as a kid but just can't remember what we listened to them on.  This

would be from just about the right time.  I think these were introduced in 1971 but info on the web is

all over the place with this, so take that with a grain of salt.


This one totally works!  I just played a bunch of Christmas songs sung by Sinatra on it.  Sinatra never

sounded so good as when he was flowing out of that little two inch speaker.  The needle was the first

thing I checked when I found this little guy.  After finding the needle present and accounted for I

unwrapped the power cord and plugged it in.  Turntable spun and the needle made noise!  I was

happy.  Sold.


Ain't it neat how the 45 Single adapter is built in to the turntable, pops up and down and cannot be

lost!  This really WAS made for kids...or many of us adults who just can't quite keep up with all

those little bits and pieces.  Don't ya just kind of wish your keys were as hard to misplace?!


So I've got this...and I've got a couple of "real" turntables as well.  These being slightly higher end,

direct drive units for a slightly more discriminating buyer.  Perhaps I'll dig a couple of those up and

take all of them to the new booth at the Creve Coeur Antique Mall.  I've still got another load (or two)

of smalls to bring in from the (former) shop in St. there'll be lots to choose from soon!


  1. Saw a video where a teacher showed a record player to a little girl and she had no idea what it was. The girl thought the record was the biggest CD she had ever seen. Still have my direct drive Technics turntable in near mint condition.

    1. Hi John B.

      Is your Technics one of those lust worthy SL 1200s? Being a lover of vintage Hip Hop (it weren't vintage when I was listening to it!), the old SL 1200s have special little place in my heart.

  2. Vinyl LPs and 45s aren't that fragile--you can damage the grooves, and warp them with heat or improper storage, but they're quite difficult to break; unlike 78rpm records which were made from shellac or other resins that were quite brittle and easy to shatter.