Saturday, December 7, 2013

Phew...What A Day! I (Of Course) Didn't Get Up Until The Crack Of Noon, But Have Been Out Of The House Pretty Much Ever Since! This Antique Mall Stuff Is Lot's Of Work! Status: Keeping It Real.


Once out of the house this afternoon we made hay while the making was good.  We dropped by The Green Shag Market to drop off some information (propaganda?) concerning the Mr. Modtomic Holiday Gift Registry in the booth.  While there I wanted to check on Jeff's booth progress.  "Progress" being the key word!

But first, check it out!  I'm making a little progress of my own!  I found a nice chrome, brass and

smoke glass shelf on craigslist this afternoon and went right out a snapped it up.  I think it's perfect

for my new medium sized space at the Creve Coeur Antique Mall.


As you can see, I managed to get a couple of the large items from the shop into the new booth space

today.  That is the entire impetus for renting this space after all.  I was pleasantly surprised by how

much it looks like I'll be able to fit in here eventually.  Hopefully I'll have the wear with all to get

more in here tomorrow.  Hey, c' done got COLD here in St. Lou.


Meanwhile, back at The Shag...Jeff ain't been sitting on his laurels.  He took Mr. Modtomic's advice

and built a high shelf to display chairs, lamps and what-not.  He's also started bringing in the life

blood of an antique mall booth - smalls.  Not sure how I feel about the way he's tagging up his items. 

What do you think about the tags?  I prefer using tie on tags...but then, if you've ever seen my Home

Made tags you'll probably take my critique of Anybody's tags with a grain of salt!


So it looks like Jeff is about a half a step ahead of me at the moment.  I'm just happy as a clam that he

(and all the vintage modern vendors) are in The Shag with me!  I think The Green Shag Market really

gives Treasure Aisle (or any of the other St. Louis erea antique malls!) a good run for their money

these days for any buyer looking for Danish Modern, Eames Era, Mid Century Modern or Retro

items.  Eventually, I'm hoping to bring the Creve Coeur Antique Mall up to that standard as well!


  1. Yeah. In hindsight I realized the tag probably shouldn't be bigger than the item. Although I'll stick with the "tent" tags on the larger items, I was going to tie some smaller tags on the "smalls". Thanks for the exposure! (Even the harsh spotlight of reality)


  2. Jeff! Your prices are killing me! I'd almost drive to STL to buy stuff to resell here in ATL!!!

    That giant really cool print for $25?? The frame is worth more than that!

    Please tell me you have more than $150 on that Danish sofa......:)

  3. The one problem I see with those tags, is that they can get "lost". Someone will take the item to the counter and probably not bring the tag.