Tuesday, December 24, 2013

I'm Still In New Orleans / The Big Easy, Taking It Easy, But Like I Said...I Got Pics Of Lots Of Neat Stuff At The Creve Coeur Antique Mall To Show Ya. This Longines Symphonette Looks Like Something One Of Ya Might Like. Status: Available!


I spotted this little beauty the first day I started moving stuff into MY booth (#195) at the Creve Coure Antique Mall. If I didn't already have one I woulda snatched it right up, right then. I have mine right next to my head on my night stand and use the light, on low, as a night light.


I haven't been able to test it's working condition but it looks like it's in pretty nice condition.

If it all works the price is totally right. I'm kinda surprised that it hasn't been picked already.

Like I said, if I didn't already have one of my own...


I know it's Christmas and you're probably not gonna be picking this up as a gift so looks like

maybe you'll get to spend some of that X-mas cash that fell out of those cards you got! It's

a gift you can give to yourself, and I feel like there were a few folks out there who were

interested in mine when I featured it.


Hey look! There's a pretty picture of Christmas in New Orleans!  Even without snow, it's still

really beautiful down here. I was hoping it would be a little warmer, but it's A LOT warmer

here than it is back home. 50 degrees during the day? Can't really complain too much 'bout


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