Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Got Out This Morning To Get Some Breakfast And Ended Up Bringing Home A Couple Of Glass Heads And A Little Blonde Table! What A Morning! Status: Headed To The Big Booth.


The plan was to get some grub and then jet over to St. Charles to finish up cleaning out the shop.  But then the Girlfriend suggested we hit a couple local thrifts.  While there I remembered an ad I had seen about a week ago for a pair of glass heads.  I made the call and plans changed!


The shop is (for the most part) cleaned out!  Whoo Who!  There's a couple room dividers that I might

go back for but they are big and heavy.  Those will have to be taken apart and taken straight to the

new booth so I couldn't do anything with those today.  Beyond that, I managed to find a couple good

items today.  I have a weird thing for these black glass manikin heads. I've already got a pair of them. 

You can see one of those in the background of these pics!  When another pair showed up on craigslist

for a reasonable price, I had to have 'em.


I was surprised that the glass heads were still available since they had been available for more than a

week.  Guess I just got lucky!  The little desk or table, or whatever it is, was at the last thrift store we

hit today after picking up the glass heads.  I actually picked up a coffee table while there as well, but

that's for another post.  This is a weird little table.  Maybe it's a telephone table, where in you'd store

your Yellow Pages in the cubby?  It's brass plated spun finish legs are far too short for this to be an

actual desk.  Beats me, I'm thinking TV table.  It's the right height for That!  I guess a slim DVD /

DVR / Blue Ray might fit inside that cubby hole, but if not the next owner could always turn it

around backwards.  I'll let them decide!

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