Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Getting Started...That's The Hard Part. No Wait...Getting Booth Space, THAT'S The Hard Part. Who Am I Kidding...It Never Gets "Easy"! My good Friend Jeff Finally Got A Space At The Green Shag Market. Ah, Remember Those First Days?! Status: More MCM In Da House.


My friend Jeff has been trying to get his foot in the door at The Shag for seems like ages.  I've really been rooting for him too as it means there'll be another vendor of fine vintage modern furnishing in the shop...and that can't hurt at all!


I caught up with Jeff very briefly this afternoon as I was dropping off a few of the smalls I've been

gathering over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately I didn't leave myself much time and didn't get to

chat like I'd have liked.  I didn't even have time to actually tag up all the smalls I brought.  I did,

however take a moment to shoot a few quick photos of Jeff's "proto" space, you know...just to keep

him humble when he starts outselling me 2 to 1!


As you can see, Jeff don't mess around.  Right off the bat he's got a couple of amazing Eero Saarinen

side chairs as well as a couple of Jens Risom tables come upholstered benches.  Did I forget to

mention that Jeff is a great upholsterer?  He re-upholstered the two Saarinen chairs you see here as

well as that lovely daybed / sofa!


So yeah, it's looking a little bit sparse at the moment but recall what Mr. Modtomic's booth looked

like on day One!  Using the available space (what little there is...when trying to shift anything bigger

than baseball cards) is a little bit of a learning curve...that never seems to straighten out.  Point is, get

down there to The Shag and make Jeff feel welcome if you get a chance!


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