Sunday, December 15, 2013

After Cleaning House For Our Party Yesterday...And Then Partying Until The Wee Hours, I Just Didn't Have A Blog Post In Me. Today, Recover. Please Enjoy These Lovely Photos Of Some Of My Favorite Booths At The Green Shag Market! Status: Loaded.


I stopped by The Green Shag Market today to see if I had some empty space in my booth and decided to shoot some of my favorite spaces inside.  The Green Shag really has some of the best vendors in town.  Don't believe me? Get down there and see for yourself!


In my humble opinion, The Artful Dodger get the best looking booth award hands down.  This fella

does an impressive job of decorating a booth.  When he moved from his previous space just across

the aisle he even repainted the entire new space before moving in.  That window pane in the middle

with the bulbs around the perimeter and the painted logo...that just kills me!  I love it!


M is for Modern is a relatively new vendor who looks to be doing pretty good.  I've seen stuff move

out of here on a fairly regular basis and new / cool stuff come in and take its place.  I was fairly

confident that she'd do well here.  She's got great taste (she purchased a Broyhill Brasilia dining table

and chair set from me!) and seems to have a good sense of what to fill a booth with, so how could she

go wrong?!


You all know Hannah by now.  She's a sometime contributor here at Mr. Modtomic press.  This is a

booth she shares with a friend of hers.  I don't know how they do it.  Half a booth space?  I'm

struggling with just under two 6 X 6 spaces here and an 8 X 8 at Creve Coeur!  And check it out,

Hannah and Co. seem to take the whole "Green Shag" pretty serious!


My good friend Jeff has really made the best use of the space he has in his booth.  See how he's built

the deep shelves up top to enhance his display capacity?  Plus he's now got the booth pretty much

filled with smalls.  I think he could use a few more small shelves for small items, but he's got some of

he coolest stuff available here and I know he'll have even more.

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