Friday, December 20, 2013

Ha! Finally...A Craigslist Find! Timing (Sometimes) Is Everything. This Wegner Style Folding Chair Popped Up This Morning And I Was Just Able To Procure It Before Work. Status: Keeper?


Years ago I picked up a pair of Hans Wegner folding chair knockoffs and quickly found them a new home.  I tried to love them...even taking them with us to the drive in theater, but it just never happened.  Picking up this single makes me wonder if maybe it was that those were a pair.


Nobody is ever going to mistake this for a real Hans Wegner Model 512...but it didn't put me out real

Hans Wegner Model 512 money either!  It's in great shape.  The frame is a little loose but not wobbly

or falling apart by any means.  This particular chair has a much darker stain than the previous pair I

had around here


The all so important condition of the weave.  As you can see, it's all in excellent shape.  There aren't

any broken bits and the twine is nice and soft, as apposed to brittle and crunchy.  Still, as is...these

chairs just aren't that comfortable.  The weaving is supportive but it's a little rough on your rump, and

your legs rest on that front cross bar.  My best advice: the same as just about everybody elses!  Toss

on a sheep skin!


McDuff the Fluff could care less about having a cover on the chair.  He's his own sheep skin cover!

He was just fantasizing about having claws and causing destruction.  It's so funny how he feels he has

to "test" all the new chairs that come into the house. 

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  1. Want want want want want. That's been the one piece I've always specifically liked. -MidModTreeGal