Saturday, December 14, 2013

It....Is....PARTY....Time! Have You Ever Clicked That Little Link On The Right Side Bar Labled "Tiki Bar TV"? No? Well, Here's Your Chance To Party With The Cast And Learn To Make A New Cocktail! Status: Good Times!

Tiki Bar Red October

My buddy Kevin showed me this site ages ago and it's been one of my favorites ever since.  This team put together these entertaining shorts that are centered around the mixing of one cocktail for each episode.  You'll not only be laughing your @ss off, you'll learn how to make a fantastic new drink every show!

Tiki Bar Red October 2

I don't really understand why they started making these to begin with.  They are fun and funny and I

love them to death though.  They've been on "the air" long enough to end up being able to sell Tiki

Bar TV merchandise, so it did work out to be a money making endeavor!  Unfortunately, I think they

stopped making new episodes a few years back.  Oh well, there's 45 episodes to enjoy.  Take your

time going through them!  Click here or click the picture above to watch episode 9: Red October!

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