Monday, December 30, 2013

Good Lord! Magazine Street Was Rife With Blue Heaven Dinnerware! I Didn't Pick Any Up But If You're Looking To Complete Your Set, Magazine Street Antique Mall Might Be Your Best Bet! Status: Left Behind.


I LOVE Blue Heaven by Royal China.  I've got my own little stash of this packed away in a box (or two!) somewhere around here.  If you look hard, you'll see this pattern in Marie Barone's kitchen on reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond .


I see bits and pieces, and sometimes even small lots, of this in the antique malls around here in St.

Louis from time to time, but rarely do I ever see ANY of the glassware.  Here, in New Orleans,

there's a pleathera of glass and in many different forms.   Juice, Highball, Lowball...just name your



These were in three different booths, but two of them might have been the same seller.  They were

tagged similarly, but I didn't check the booth numbers on the tags.  Except for the glassware, I think

my collection might give these offerings a run for their money.  We only really got to look around in a

couple of places while in NOLA but the Magazine Street Antique Mall always seems to deliver. 


  1. The BH glassware is a real challenge to locate; I only have 7 tumblers and 4 juice glasses so far. The main dishes are a little more plentiful, as it was a 1960s grocery give-away. It really is a dead-cool pattern for us MCM/ atomic ranch fans on a budget.

  2. This was a set that I collected to completion and gave to my future ex fiancee....She sold it for pennies.

    Oh well. To complete it, I bought lots of the stuff and compiled several complete sets, one of which I kept!