Friday, November 29, 2013

I Like Ben. I Like Hot Chocolate. Put The Two Together On A Snowy Winter Day And I'm A Pretty Happy Guy. Throw In A Great Thrift Store Find For Good Measure And It's A Really Good Day! Status: Still...Headed To The Booth.


Don't ya just love it when you find something good AND "signed" at the thrift?  Yeah, I know...they're not really signed but it's a lot closer than just a blank bottom!  And I got a LOT of 'em!


I'll admit, it was the shape of the sugar bowl's lid that lead me to investigate.  Then I found the

creamer and a couple of the mugs.  I thought a minute 'cuz I felt like I had seen some of the saucers in

a stack on another rack.  When I finally found those I found the rest of the mugs!  A full dozen mugs

and everything is in tip top condition.  No chip or cracks!


Doesn't the color and style just scream "Hot Cup Of Cocoa Back At The Ski Lodge"?  These strike

me as perhaps having been available in the late '60s or early '70s....but for real, these might just as

easily be from the 1980s.  Either way, they're a lovely and large set.  I'll be splitting these up into sets

of four and offering the sugar and creamer as a set as well.  That way whoever might want them can

decide how big or small a matched set they want to take home with them.

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