Saturday, November 2, 2013

Four Words Best Describe This Morning's Before Work Adventures: Estate Fail Craigs Score! The Estate Fail Wasn't THAT Disappointing And The Craigs Score Was Just Enough To Make Up For It. Status: Even Steven


I still use my old smart phones for various duties including music player at work and WiFi mobile web browser at home. What the one at home gets used as the most is a lowly alarm clock. That was all it had to do this morning...wake me at 9:45am. Apparently it decided to "fall back" all by itself a couple days early!


It wasn't really a problem as my internal alarm woke me at 9:30 anyway and I checked the

phone, realizing it did not have the correct time. So I went ahead and got up 'cuz there was

an estate sale just around the corner from me starting at 10 and I had spotted the back

corner of a Carter Bros. "Scoop" chair in the ad. Since this was a private sale I figured it

might be cheap enough to crawl out of bed at this Un-Godly hour for. And cheap it would

Have to be. I'm not Ga Ga over these bent plywood and vinyl chairs...but I wouldn't toss one

on the fire either. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to find out what the price was on the

Carter Bros. chair...or the OTHER Carter Bros. chair (yup, there was apair) because they

both got "Scooped" up before I even got to the sale! And there was really nothing else at the

sale (believe me, I LOOKED!) of any interest. FAIL.


After giving up on the sale I tried the two local thrifts and again, came up empty

I hung my head in shame and beat a hasty retreat home. At home I quickly opened up my

blogger stats page to see how many people love me and boost my sad lil' self esteem, then

- per usual - I started digging through craigslist. Within moments I had spotted this pair of

Drexel Declaration living room tables designed by Kipp Stewart for a somewhat surprisingly

reasonable price. Almost an estate sale price, you might say! The seller was accepting

phone calls only and I guess I was the first to call. I made arrangements and picked up the

set a half our later. Out of the jaws of Defeat Mr. Modtomic just barely managed to snatch



So for the moment here's the pair in all their farm fresh glory. I've not had a chance to even

knock the dust of 'em yet, much less clean them up proper. I may show these again

tomorrow after they get some cleaning and some Howard's love just to show the before

and after affects. I think it'll be fairly dramatic. I might do a little rearranging in the booth

Sunday and see if I can squeeze these in. Until then, if you're interested...shoot me a note!

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