Saturday, November 23, 2013

You Know I Don't Really Mess With Fiestaware Too Much. I Certainly Don't Collect It. It's Just Too Hard To Keep In Mind Which Pieces Are New And Which Are Vintage. Still, When I Find It And I've Got The Time To Look It Up... Status: Picked.


I've got a book on all this stuff in my booth (well, I think it's still in there), but maybe I need to pull it out and keep in my "library" since figuring out whether this stuff is vintage or not is kind of a pain.  I'm like 90% sure this is Very vintage, like 1930's vintage, but since Fiesta kept messing with the marks and all, it's still hard to pin down.


Pretty sure the color is Cobalt Blue.  The lower case letters in the imprinted "fiesta" along with the

HLC (Homer Laughlin Co.), the Made In USA and the color all point to these pieces being very early

pieces.  They've got some utensil marks but are chip free.  They're actually in great condition for

being...what, 75ish years old?  Check out that funky glaze on the bottom of this 9 1/4" serving bowl!


This 11 1/2" serving platter sports a much less pronounced mark on the back and doesn't have the

concentric rings that the bowl above has.  Otherwise it too shows a lower case "fiesta", has the HLC

and the USA along with that lovely dark Cobalt glaze.  Dangit...I need my book.  I guess I'll have to

head down to The Green Shag Market Tomorrow and see if the ID book is still there and pull it out if

so.  I might not collect Fiestaware but I should probably be able to better identify it with my own

knowledge given the lack thereof on the web.  After I get a better idea what the scoop is on these

pieces I'll drop them in the booth.

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  1. Cobalt was made from 1936 to 1951 Based on the logo of the bowl, I think 1940s. The platter is, I think, post 1986