Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Is Definitely Upon Us! Don't Ya Love The Colors? I Felt Remiss Having Shot This Table Base Yesterday Without Getting Any Pics Of It With A Proper Top. Status: Redeemed.


We got a short dry spell this morning before I had to head into work so I dragged the new chrome table base outside and pulled this equally heavy (well, almost) table top out of the garage to show how nice a dining table the pair are gonna make. This is gonna be stunning when the top gets refinished!


Looks pretty good with that top on there doesn't it?! Makes for a very substantial dining

table. That's easily a 120 pounds of dining area. This top came from another table that I

picked up from a south county thrift a while back. I was gonna refinish it and flip it with its

original base but I'm pretty sure that it would be better utilized with hunk of awesome



So I guess I'll have to find another use for the old base. And I guess I'll have to try my hand

at properly refinishing the top. My buddy Dan is tied up with a new papoos on the way very

shortly so he won't be able to take care of it for me. I've got a sander and some fine grit

sandpaper so I'll take it down to unfinished wood first and see if I can keep from ruining it

first. Then if I can keep from screwing it up with power tools, I'll take on giving it a new stain

and protective layer of satin poly.


This top isn't marked but I'm about 85% certain that it's a Knoll piece. It has the same

construction and shape details as my walnut oval Florence Knoll dining table top. You can

see the similarities in the two photos above. I kinda hate to separate the top from the

original base but I've looked long and hard for the top and base together online and came

up empty handed. I just know that as soon as this top leaves me I'll find a comp online and

be pissed!

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