Monday, November 25, 2013

A Gift Horse Would Have To Be One Uuuugly Steed For This Guy To Look Him In The Mouth. A Friend Offered This Hot Mess To Me For The Low Low Price Of Nuthin' And In The Back Of Frank It Went! Status: Now What?


Right, so what do I need with another Eames lounger knockoff project?  I don't.  But alas, I just couldn't say "No"!  Surely I can find something to do with this mess of a lounge chair.


Sadly, the chair looks WAY better in these photos than it does in person.  The vinyl is toast. The

wood is scratched.  The chrome is rusty and the base is wobbly.  What else could be messed up?

At least the padding is good!  The wobble and chrome are easily remedied.  The upholstery will be

a fun project and scratched wood...we'll figure something out. 


This might be a tougher challenge.  I don't weld...or even know anybody who does.  Once I find

someone who does, it'll be an easy and quick fix.  Again, the upholster will be fun and the wood,

who knows...maybe I'll paint the whole thing with lacquer paint!  Unless someone else wants to

take up the challenge.


  1. I saw a very similar chair in a thrift, disassembled in a box, and did not get it - we don't need it, it's not my style, and I'm stuck in a rut getting anything I've thrifted sold - glad to see I'm not the only one who would hem and haw at something like this. I know you'll beautify it!

  2. I've got a stick welder on-hand over at the plant if you wanna tackle it.

  3. I weld. Bring it on over. I'm halfway between Alton and Edwardsville.

  4. You can give it to me - I reupholster and can fix the wood and can deal with the weld....:)