Saturday, November 9, 2013

How Long Has It Been Since We Took A Little Shop Tour Together? We've Been Through The Old Rocket Century Warehouse Before But Never This Retail Space On South Grand. Status: Another Lovely Option.


I'll admit, I didn't have a lot of faith that St. Louis could support another stand alone bricks and mortar, but here it is...Rocket Century!  After a little more than a year the joint is still going strong.


Kristina at Rocket Century manages to accomplish a couple of things that I really admire.  A. She

keeps a shop up and running here in St. Louis.  No mean feat considering how many have come and

gone since I first got interested in vintage modern.  And B. She keeps her space uncluttered and still

manages to sell enough to keep the doors open!  I don't have that kind of discipline.  I'd have this

place so packed with stuff it'd be an embarrassment!


And of course Kristina keeps only the nicest items in the shop.  Mostly designer pieces or at least

items with a name associated with them.  Milo Baughman, Paul McCobb, George Nelson...all present

and accounted for.  She also keeps some nice, easier on the pocket book items on hand like a

beautiful set of Lane Acclaim living room tables around for those who don't really need a big name

to pry the dollars out of our pocket book.


If you're in the mood for something with a little more high end flavor you could do a lot worse than

stopping by to see if Rocket Century might able to help you out.  I you don't see what you're looking

for on the floor, a quick conversation with Kristina or her staff will probably get the wheels started

on finding what you need.  She's got connections...including yours truly.


Bonus, Rocket Century is open a bit later than many of the other shops 'round town.  We were there

past 8pm tonight!  Of course, Kristina was trying to get out of there and close up but there were still

costumers there buying that late!  Point is, you'll feel welcome...even if you arrive just before closing

and can't quite make up your mind as to what you'll be taking home.  She's just that kinda gal.


So if you get a chance to stop by Rocket Century, tell 'em Mr. Modtomic sent ya!  Kristina will get a

kick out of it...even if you're just there to browse and say hi.  She's always quick with a funny story

about the business too, so don't be afraid to just have a chat.  Sometimes meeting other cool folks is

the best part of doing all this.


  1. I didn't see a link for the shop - but a quick Google brought it up. Leaving in comments for others.

    1. Hi Schrockthehouse

      There's a link just to the right on the side bar, but thanks for the effort just the same!

  2. This is my favorite of the mid century shops in St. Louis! Kristina is fantastic!

    1. Hi Anonymous.

      Kristina does a remarkable job of keeping a diverse and lovely stock in the shop. One of my favorites too!

  3. I love that vintage tile floor! It is amazing...

    1. Hi Farm Girl Pink.

      It's in great shape too. I think this location used to be a coffee shop that I used to frequent about 10 or 12 years ago. Played lots of pool in here (letting the Girlfriend win...cuz that how a guy "wins"!).