Sunday, November 3, 2013

As Promised, Here's The Before And After Of The Drexel Declaration Coffee And End Table. They Got The Howard's Restore-A-Finish Treatment Today. Status: Ready For The Booth.


I still didn't have enough time to a really good job but I did get a chance to clean up the tops of these tables this afternoon.  They came out pretty nice.  Not perfect but better still.  I used Howard's Walnut Restore-A-Finish and some 0000 steel wool and it really brought out the lovely color.


I had to put some time in at work this afternoon so I was a little rushed in getting this project done.

I didn't have time to finish off the tops with Howard's Feed-N-Wax like I'd have liked to before

shooting the after pics.  Still, you can see the difference in the photos. 


You can see how it helped with the water spots on the coffee table.  I might should have gone with an

even lighter color as it darkened the light spots, where the original stain had been damaged, a little

more than I'd really like.  It still looks better than when I got 'em though.  Now if I can just find some

time to get them down to The Shag tomorrow.  We plan on seeing Ender's Game at an afternoon

matinee with some friends and who knows what we'll be up to after that.

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