Wednesday, November 20, 2013

I Picked Up Another Danish Modern Three Light Pendant Monday Before Work. It Was A Late Night Craigslist Find That I Should Have Found And Snatched Saturday. Status: All's Well That End Well.


This fixture is another one of those killer items that got overlooked by everybody on craigslist...
including me!  I had been listed early Saturday afternoon and I didn't spot it until late Sunday evening.  I hate it when that happens.


I just found a home for the last Three Light Pendant I featured here!  Now I've got another.  This one

has been freshly rewired and is in great shape, ready to be installed.  I had to meet the seller out in

west county early Monday morning before work as I wanted to make sure I didn't get snaked on this.

I'm getting snaked a little more often these days as I'm a little less serious about many of the

purchases I make a play for.  I just don't have much room for anything but the best finds right now

so I haven't been giving it shot, shall we say.  But sometimes you just get lucky, and

snatching this up was just exactly that...luck!


After securing the vintage fixture I stopped in at a couple of thrifts in the area that I don't always

remember to check on my weekend scouting trips.  At one of the thrifts I found the Dorothy Thorpe

style silver rim champagne flutes I featured yesterday.  At another I found...nothing, but at the last I

picked up these spare globes!  The three matched milk glass tapers are threaded for some kind of

brass holder that I'm sure was on a tension pole.  The one round globe, I'm not sure. 


I feel like I recently read a blog post somewhere about how difficult it is to find round globes like this

that don't have a mounting I bought it just in case.  I bought all four "just in case".  I'm

sure I would have kicked myself if I hadn't bought them all.  You know how it goes.  You see half of

something cool at one to buy it, and see the other half a week later at another.  Fail.  Not

this guy!

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