Sunday, November 24, 2013

A Little Trip To The Salvation Army Thrift Store Yesterday Turned Out To Be Quite Fruitful. I FINALLY Found A Stand For The Little Christmas Tree And A Cool 1960s Decor Book. Status: Keeping The Book.


I love finding these vintage decor books.  They seem so few and far between.  And a tree stand for the metal Christmas tree stand?  Don't get me started how hard I searched for That!


First thing first...this ain't no Christmas tree stand.  I picked it up and figured it might work...if maybe

the pole would fit in the steel pipe.  Hah!!! It fit Perfectly!  Needed a tree stand...and now that's

done!  Sure, it don't look like much but it's super heavy duty and will last forever.  It'll just need, you

know...a tree skirt or whatever.


This is the real find.  Most of these decor books show a lot of neat pieces of furniture but this one

actually mentions many of the pieces by name in the captions.  I wouldn't trust it empirically, as a

couple of the ID seem questionable, but it might set one in the right direction.   Bonus, the color is

natural and not all blown out like you see in the Better Homes and Gardens.  As a matter of fact, a lot

of the photos remind me of photos you might see on Apartment Therapy or Houzz. 


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