Saturday, November 16, 2013

Christ...My Booth Is Starting To Be Better Appointed Than HOME! Well, Not Really...But It's Getting There. Today We Dropped In A Lovely Chesterfield Sofa! Status: Available...Now!


Dang, I almost wish OUR living room looked this good.  Cohesive...maybe that's the word.  That walnut Drexel Declaration coffee table, a comfy leather Westnofa lounge chair and now, the classic Chesterfield sofa.  Get that Burke dining set out of there and that could be any of our living rooms I'd say.


Well, it could be anybody's living room...or rather IN anybody's living room, if one just makes a little

trip down to The Green Shag Market and just sorta...cleans me out!  I know...fat chance!  But it all

goes sooner or later.  Just more "a piece at a time".  I was pleasantly surprised at how easily I

managed to shoe horn this big 93" beast into the booth.  I only had to take out the Alvar Aalto style

lamp table and the Ekornes recliner and ottoman.  It's good to move thing around once in a while



Why didn't I keep this for myself?  Surely you know that I'm in the market for a Chesterfield, right? 

No?  Let me tell ya, I almost drove to Indy for one that was over a Grand a while back.  Almost, but it

didn't happen.  I just couldn't pull THAT big a trigger on something so far away.  This one, it's so

close to what I'm wanting, but it's vinyl instead of leather.  It's the right size, shape, it's super

comfortable, in great shape (less one button on the seat cushion that is missing on the bottom, letting

the top one it's connected to be loose), good color...but I want leather.  I already have great sofas in

the house that I love so I can afford to be picky.  This Chesterfield deserves to be had by someone

who will want it as badly as I want my leather one.  But they won't have to shell out the Restoration

Hardware big bucks like I probably will!


  1. Replies
    1. Hi Nick.

      The sofa or the booth? 'Cuz the booth don't really look this good. I moved a lot of stuff out of the way for these shots! It's right back to being a hot mess.

    2. Both actually! I was mostly referring to the sofa, though.

    3. Hi Nick.

      Either way, thanks! I like to believe I possess something that approximates good taste!

  2. Oh that couch is a thing of beauty. Want! Gorgeously appointed space.

    1. Hi Van.

      It weren't an easy decision putting in the booth. I'm really smitten with the shape.

  3. Love your blog Mr M. Wow that Chesterfield is sweet. Too bad it's vinyl. Had me fooled tho. I picked up an ivory leather Chesterfield couch AND matching chaise lounge brand new back in '87. Grand apiece. I still have them and they've held up incredibly well. They moved cross country with me from Indy to Seattle in 2000. You'll have to pry them from my cold dead hands to get them. lol. Keep looking. Btw, I bought my pair in Indy at LS Ayres. So perhaps a trip east might not be so bad after all. Good luck and thanks for the terrific postings. David

    1. Hi David.

      Thanks for the words of encouragement. I told the Mom-tomic a while back that I'd find my Chesterfield and for under $800. Seems reasonable. Just hasn't happened yet!