Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Party Time Is Just Around The Corner. Gotta Stock Up On Barware. Not Just Me...YOU TOO! Nothing Says Class Like A Silver Rim Flute Full Of Champagne Or A Chalice Full Of Miller High Life...If You're On The South Side. Either Way, Got Ya Covered! Status: Party Ready!


Nice barware scores, right?  I just got the Dorothy Thorpe style silver rim flutes today.  The Ruby Red chalices were a weekend find that I'm just now getting around to unwrapping.


My first inclination with the flutes was to flip 'em in the booth, but then I thought - when am I ever

going to find another set of silver rim champagne flutes?  I'm keeping 'em!  They are quite possibly

the classiest pieces of barware that I now own.  I might just have to spend some real money on some

REAL bubbly this New Years Eve!  The red chalices, I can probably pry those from the house and

tag 'em up.  They're great for serving drinks with ice as they don't cause water ring quite so readily. 

I can't find my Playboy bartending guide to find out exactly what the appropriate drink is for a

chalice but a great big strawberry sundae sound pretty good!


Plus, I've already got another set of ruby chalices like these...except with starbursts on them!  AND

I've got SO much barware already, I can't keep it all.  So yeah, these'll go to The Shag.  Soon as I can

get down there.  I tried to get by there today to drop off the Boos Block chop butcher block and the

Coca Cola crate after picking up a great c-list find before work, but I ended up hitting a couple of

thrifts instead.  I know...I gots the sickness.  ::shrug::


  1. I am addicted to vintage barware! Don't get rid of those champagne flutes! They are fancy enough that a cheap-o bottle of Cooks bubbly (my favorite) will be perfect in them. No one will even notice.

    Have a great day!


  2. I was saying NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO to getting rid of the red chalices since its my favorite color until you said you had a similar PRETTIER set. It all makes sense now.