Wednesday, November 13, 2013

After Picking Up The Cool Lounge Chair Sunday I Tooled Over To The Goodwill In West County And Found This Halliburtan Aluminum Case And Vintage Decorative Grapes! Status: Strange Smalls.


I don't this metal suitcase an antique mall item?  Surely the grapes are but what do you aluminum case?  Well, it is a Halliburton!  'Memba them?


I so want to keep them, but I just Know that there's a retro joint out there that is incomplete without

'em.  I don't need these decorative vintage grapes that bad, so I'll drop 'em off in the booth soon.

These suckers are kinda hard to find too.  You certainly don't see them at the thrift stores very often.

I'm kinda smitten with them.  Might start looking a little harder for them.


Wasn't there a country song about a driver who was killed in a car crash by a metal suitcase such as

this?  Or maybe it was a country singer who really was killed in such a way, I can't recall.  In any

 case (get this sports an undeniable sense of ironic cool.  I'd love to have a couple pieces of

this to actually use as luggage!  But alas, just one piece isn't enough for me to keep.  It's getting

tagged and sent to The Green Shag Market!


  1. LOOOVE the suitcase and grapes! Gorgeous finds, and love how you've staged that home corner, too :)

    1. Hi Van.

      The wall paper and the floor tile are original to the home. We were lucky enough to gind the place before it got "Designed To Sell"!

  2. That case would be perfect for a car tool kit. Throw a first aid kit, your cargo straps, and the rest of your tools in there and you are ready to go. No worries about it getting all busted up or breaking loose.

    1. Hi Nick.

      Hey! That's a great idea. The case might not be bullet proof but it's definitely water proof!