Monday, November 11, 2013

Once Again, I'm At A Loss. Can Anybody Help A Mr. Identify This Fantastic Bentwood Scandivian Lounge Chair? It's Got Westy Dripping From It's Walnut Frame But No Tags Or Marks. Status: Available And Needing A Name.


I'm pretty sure I just barely beat another potential buyer to the draw on this killer bentwood danish lounge chair Sunday afternoon.  I stopped by the Goodwill near downtown and while giving this a once over another couple seemed to be skulking about behind me like a couple of vultures.


They were (if indeed they were interested in the chair) just a little too late.  I'd already committed. 

Unfortunately there wasn't one of those big blue taped on tags that they usually put on items this large

so I had to just go ahead and take it up to the cashier.  I'm hoping there wasn't anything else really

good there that I missed!  I think I made out OK either way.


I've looked and looked, but I can't find any other chairs like this on the web.  I've tried all sorts of

iterations of Danish, Scandinavian, Westnofa, Bentwood, Bent Wood, Lounge Chair, Armchair, Arm

Chair, Walnut et al.  I've only found a set of office chairs on craigslist that share the same back and

Fagas strap seat.  That it sports genuine Fagas straps for the seat tells me this in fairly high quality.  I

haven't seen too many cheap chairs with this type of seat construction.  It might not be super vintage

either, but I'm not very good at making that determination.  I'm thinking from the '80s.


I spent the early afternoon cleaning it up knowing that a cold front (with what is forcast as snow

behind it) was on its way.  I wanted to spend as much time outside today as I could and this was as

good an excuse as any.  It cleaned up nice.  I took my carpet / upholstery cleaner to the seat pads and

armrests too.  It looks lots better than it did when found at the thrift store.  Of course, it's not perfect. 

I'd have preferred to take the covers off and launder them properly but the buttons that go through the

seat pads put the fear of God in me and I decided to err on the side of caution.  That's a project for

someone much more ambitious that I!  Might that be you?  I'll be dropping an ad on craigslist for this

if it is.  Shoot me a note!

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