Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sadly, Not All Roadside Motels Make It. This One In Florida Near The Suwannee River Must Have Been Abandoned Many Years Ago. Still, There Is A Certain Beauty To The Decay. Status: Long Gone.


Nature always wins. Try as we might, it's a losing battle. One only need to look at our driveway to see it's true. Weeds and grass grow wildly in the cracks between the concrete slabs...and we drive on it EVERY DAY! Once, the Girlfriend and I had a debate / disagreement while watching I Am Legend (Will Smith remake of Vincent Price movie Last Man On Earth) concerning how quickly grass would take over the streets and whatnot.


I, of course, believe that I have a much more intimate knowledge of the question at hand given that I

mow the grass 'round here and have to deal with it's tenacity...and I'm a man, duh. Then there is the

Dioxin contamination of Time Beach Missouri. As a young man I watched that community be

divested of any human activity and then fall back to nature which quickly reclaimed everything in it's

path. It doesn't take much time at all.


How strange is it that the sign seems to have all of it's neon tubes intact?! EVERYTHING else is just

decimated but with a little time and effort I bet that motel sign would light right up. And how cool

would THAT look? I wouldn't touch the rest of the sign, just leave it as found: Farm Fresh!


It's such a shame that this roadside motel is no more. You can kinda get a feel for how great it must

have been by some of the details that are still standing. I love the stone veneer on the outside and the

tile in that bathroom still looks nice even after being exposed to the elements for who knows how

long. Alas, this place is now for the birds. I'm pretty sure it's beyond saving. I would like to snatch

that motel sign though! I'd hang it right above our headboard!


  1. Great photos! There's a derelict motel in Abilene, TX, that I've always been tempted to stop and photograph. Next time I'm there, I will.

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