Monday, July 29, 2013

Again With The Flea Market! Can't Help It...I've Been Watching A Lot Of Market Warriors, Flea Mkt Flip And Antiques Roadshow Lately. And It Was An Absolutely Magnificent Sunday Morning. Status: Wentzville Delivers!


We managed to get out to Wentzville Sunday morning before 10am but I would have liked to have been there quite a bit earlier. I just know that somebody got ALL the good stuff before I got there! Well, maybe not ALL the good stuff. I managed to fill a backpack with stuff.


I'm sure I told you all the story about the Hans Wegner "The" chairs wherein I spotted a set at the

Wentzville Flea but they had been bought by another vendor who - like me - didn't know what they

were or that they were worth about a grand each.  I didn't strike while that iron was hot...and I learned

a valuable lesson that day.  Two actually; strike while the iron is hot and get to Wentzville early!  The

bowl above, not worth a grand but still pretty cool.  I've got another just like it.  It's glass and if you

shine a bright enough light behind it, you can see through it.


So these days whenever we get a nice Sunday forcast my intention is to get up and out there before

6am.  It never works out.  I'm always up too late!  I'm just not a morning person.  Maybe next time I'll

push through the pain and actually get out there super early and see what happens.  It only happens

once in a while that I find something really cool that has already been sold so I'm not going to hold

my breath.  I guess if I get out there early enough and get done quick I can get back here and take a

nice long nap on the couch.  These tidbit snack tray coasters were a nice find.  I've got another set of

these shaped like fish for the bar.  These will be offered up at the shop pretty soon.


THIS was THE find.  This is exactly what keeps people like me coming back to the flea markets. 

This is a Brother Mel Meyer (or more often Brother Mel) brushed steel crucifix.  I found it in vendors

booth and was going to pick it up anyway (for just a couple of bucks!) simply because it's a great

piece of modern art.  I had another modern crucifix in the booth a while back and it did not last long. 

This one is not only a great piece but it's a Signed piece, by a nationally renown sculptural and fine

artist.  It's a storybook ending to a weekend of beautiful blue skies and mild temperatures!


  1. I haven't been to the Wentzville flea yet . . . looks intriguing. Maybe we could petition for flea markets to start at a reasonable time on the weekend, like say noon. Cheers - CT

    1. Hi CT.

      Noon? Ha! That's when it's starting to crumble and the vendors are loading out! Besides...It get's pretty hot out there after 10:30 in July and August. You really should get up and go. You can still find lots of good stuff if you get there late, and most of the vendors are much more flexible around noon!