Friday, July 26, 2013

You Might Have Noticed The Glass Chip Art In The Background Of A Photo From A Couple Days Ago. Uhm...That Was Just A Preview...Is What That Was...Is What It Was. Status: Featured For Real!


Just another little lot of smalls picked up here and there.  The glass chip art was a local find but the atomic teacup and tiki salt and pepper shakers are from out of town.  The art is getting tagged up but the rest is just for little ol' me.


I'm gonna give you three guesses where we picked up this little pair of Tiki God salt and pepper

shakers...and the first two don't even count!  Hint - we didn't just get home from a fabulous roadtrip

to Japan!


I don't normally pick up a single cup like this but c' cool is that?  Even as just a change cup

or something to keep jewelry in while in the shower, can't go wrong.  I've never seen this pattern

before but am now smitten.  I'd love to have a full on set of this.  It looks like it'd be plenty durable



These little pieces of retro art do pretty good at The Green Shag so I'll be tagging up this and some

other choice smalls to drop off this weekend.  What do ya think this is, a banzai tree?  I'm not sure.

Pink and blue do not scream banzai but the "trunk" looks like one.  And the planter / bowl looks very

Japanese to me.

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  1. Love the chip art. I have a set my mother did when I was a kid.