Tuesday, July 30, 2013

So How Do You Think One Gets Cast On Market Warriors...'Cuz I Think I'd Clean Up On That Show! They Used To Have Guest "Warriors" On From Time To Time And I'd Love To Get A Chance To Prove My Flea Pickin' Chops. Status: More Wentzville Smalls.


The challenge with that Market Warriors is that the contestants are buying from a flea market and selling at an auction...both places where people are hoping to buy low to flip high!  The mistake I see most is the contestants buying from high end focused sellers who really know their niche - to sell at auction TO high end focused sellers who really know their niche.  No wonder they rarely hit paydirt.


If you've not seen Market Warriors on PBS just click through here to watch an episode.  It's tons of

fun to watch (and yell at the "Warriors" through the TV).  I even pause it from time to time to pick

out all the good stuff that they apparently aren't even seeing on the tables around them!  This

Scandinavian style magazine rack failed to evade MY "Warrior's" eye while we were at the

Wentzville flea this past Sunday.  That stamp on the bottom is driving me NUTS!!! Only word I can

make out is "Authentic".  This style of magazine or LP holder is often referred to as an Arthur

Umanoff piece but I'm not convinced.  There is a little side table with a built in rack similar to this

that IS an Umanoff piece and that's probably where most of the attribution idea comes from.


This lot of Russel Wright "Coup" bowls was just strewn in on a table littered with many other random

housewares.  There's actually another grey bowl but it has a chip on the underside of the handle.  for

just a couple of bucks though?  You think I was going to leave THESE behind?!  No way!  None of

these are marked Steubenville and they are larger than my other coup bowls that are marked.

Hmmm...any opinions on that?  Even the new Oneida reproductions are marked.  They have the same

three little marks in the glaze from when they were put on a stand to be fired as my other Steubenville

pieces so I think they're authentic...but I'm far from an expert in these matters.


And lastly we have this excellent set of food themed glass chip art pieces.  Except for a little finish

wear on the "frames" these are in amazing condition.  Who wouldn't want these in their retro

kitchen?  These will shortly be joining their little brother at The Green Shag Market in my booth

(#5).  These are so bright and vibrant that I bet they won't be there very long so if you're likin' what

you're seein' get down there quick and get to snatchin'!


  1. Man, we need to start going to Wentzville together again. Hit me up and we'll go clean that place out nice n early.

  2. I know of at least two companies that made copies of Russel Wright lug handled bowls; I think yours are either Pebbleford or Ballerina but those are not colors that RW used.