Saturday, July 6, 2013

Something New. I Don't Normally Pimp Other's Material 'Round Here But Just In Case Ya Didn't Know...You Can Watch Full Episodes Of Flea Market Flip On Your PC...Or Laptop....Or Smartphone Or Whatever. Click Through For The Link! Status: More Ways To Waste Your Otherwise Precious Time.

Flea Market Flip

While on vacation we get to watch a fair amount of cable TV.  If you're like me and live with Broadcast TV and maybe supplement that with Netflix (we use a Roku box that pumps it right into our TV) then a couple weeks of cable is both welcome and...really, about all you need.  But it got me wondering if some of those shows were available online.

Yup.  Some of them are!  I have no idea how many episodes of Flea Market Flip have been shown but we've only seen a couple on TV.  Finding five for free on the net is a coup!  So if you've not been to a flea market in a while and need to get your fix...I think this might just do ya!

Watch these five episodes and come back to talk trash about all the stuff you saw!


  1. Awesome tip. Heading right over to TIVO. Actually I don't mind TV tips at all because I like to record, and never know what to record.

  2. I have watched several of these shows--I TIVO them. They never factor into the bottom line the time, expense, tools, etc needed to transform the "finds" into "treasures" someone could flip.
    I do enjoy some of the ideas.