Monday, July 15, 2013

Like I Need Another Lamp...Another HUGE Lamp. But A Huge WITCO Lamp? Yeah, I'll Drag That Home With Me, Thank You! Status: Wanting A New Shade.


Last week I picked up a sofa that was advertised on craigslist.  Turned out they were in the middle of an estate sale and this lamp was part of what was available.  No way was I going to leave it behind, right?!  I love Witco...I love retro lamps...anybody could see this was going to happen!


I've had some really large Witco pieces before.  I've got a medium size piece hanging above our

fireplace.  I've even got a fairly sizable Wilrongo / Witco painting hanging in the shop, but this lamp

is the most imposing piece of Witco I've ever had the pleasure of owning!  Not just big...but colorful! 

Well, it's got some color, a bit of blue there near the top.  It kinda matches the Witco African mask /

Tiki face thing we have above the fireplace.


Anybody ever wondered what the process is for achieving the tell tale Witco texture?  Anybody ever

do some actual research?  Me either.  Surely there's a book out there somewhere that covers that with

a few pages.  Seems like they have to use a torch or something to get that texture.  I did read that they

used a chainsaw to do a lot of the carving on large pieces I guess.


One issue is the shade.  It's a mess.  I tried to clean it a little and that was a fail.  I thought about

cleaning it further and then painting it but I don't know if that will work either.  Maybe I'll just try to

cover the shade with some cool material or find a new one all together.  As soon as I get it sorted out

I'll probably drop this off at The Green Shag.  It's quite they eye catcher!

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