Thursday, July 25, 2013

A Few Years Ago The Girlfriend And I Stopped At A North City Thrift Shop And I Scored A Cool Mod Rotary Phone Which Has Since Found A New Home Via The Green Shag. Yesterday I Stopped In Again And Scored A Fantastic Pair Of Kem Weber Lounge Chairs! Status: Mid Cleanup.


First thing I do in the morning after clearing Mr. Sandman's leavings is to do a quick check of craigslist on my phone.  You morning people snake so much good stuff while Mr. Modtomic is still dreaming about finding $20 Knoll Barcelona chairs at a flea market.


So yeah, this pair of Art Deco / Machine Age lounge chairs were the first good Item I came across.

The photo was all blurry but I was relatively sure these were Kem Weber lounge chairs.  The seller

was a thrift store that was on my way to work so after a few minutes of research and confirmation of

my suspicions, it was time to jump in the shower and go get 'em!


They both needed some cleanup but I only had time to work on one.  The brown chair got the knod if

only because it's cushions were the closest at hand. I took some 0000 steel wool to the chrome and

after about 20 minutes the base was just gleaming. Not "like new" gleaming, but shining nicely along

with the character accumulated over 70 years of use. The cushions were pretty dusty too and I got out

a scrub brush and spray cleaner for those. The cushions are vinyl but the padding inside is very

substantial. As a result they are actually pretty heavy! I managed to get a lot of the past 70 years of

detritus off the set but they could stand a little more work.


Below you can see the results of my hard, hard work.  Actually it's not hard...just time consuming.

Still, see the difference a little elbow grease yields?  Perks that chrome right up!  After I get some

time to clean up the green chair I'm going to have to find a suitable new home for them.  I should

have some space opening up at Fleur De Lis - Home Source soon and these are perfect for that shop.


Actually, If I can find some way to do it, I've got a nice black vinyl sofa out in the garage that would

go so nicely with these.  I'll have to see if I can unearth that, get it cleaned up nice and maybe find

some space for that too at the shop.  Anybody out there looking for some keen art deco / machine age

seating for their swell pad?


  1. Those. Are. Gorgeous. Love them! Great tip on the chrome too! My mid '60s oven was used in the basement of my grandparents' (now my) house in the 'canning kitchen' and was pretty neglected as far as the chrome goes. Although the aluminum foil trick did ok, I was afraid to use anything more abrasive, but you've made me feel better about the sanding! Gotta get some of that 0000!!!

  2. The chairs are so cool. Any splits in the vinyl? Hope you take them to Second Street so I can show them to a family member who might be interested in the chairs and your couch. They are looking for MCM furniture for their house.
    Thanks, Kathy/RiverBelles/Bayard Antique Mall/St.Charles

    1. Hi Kathy.

      The set didn't make it to Fleur De Lis in St. Charles (no room!) but they are featured in my booth at The Green Shag Market. I still haven't gotten the sofa out. Too busy with other stuff!

  3. Wow, looking for this exact chair or other machine age one very close! Any chance that you'd still have 1 around? Thanks for the great website!