Sunday, July 28, 2013

Love You Some Broyhill Brasilia But Having a Hard Time Finding Yourself A China Cabinet? Mr. Modtomic Has Got You Covered. Drop By Fleur De Lis - Home Source And Check Out This Big Guy. Status: Available.


Strike while the Iron is hot...that's my motto.  Just before ouf vacation I had the opportunity to pick up this lovely Broyhill Brasilia china cabinet, and even though I really didn't have the room for it and it's purchase would dip into our vacation money, I had to have it.


Ooooh...I thought long an hard about just bring this home because of all the china I do have to

display, but c'mon...a Pair of matching china cabinets?  Not even I would dare.  One must draw the

line somewhere.  So this one sits at the shop in St. Charles awaiting adoption.  Funny thing is, I didn't

have to move it very far as it came from another shop just down the street!


Just one week before our Summer Roadtrip was to commence, Momtomic shot me a text with a

photo of this and said it was available and wondered if I liked it.  "YES!"  Oh why oh why does it

happen like this.  I really didn't need to be spending a chunk of cash just before loading up the car and

heading out of town for a couple of weeks, but a Mr. had to do what a Mr. had to do.  So I dropped by

with a dolly, straps and moving blankets and moved this beauty up the street to our shop where it sits

now.  Can you picture it: a guy dragging this china cabinet up the street from one shop to another

strapped to a dolly?!


It's not mint but it's a really good starting place for a light refinish.  It's available as is or I can have

the finish issues taken care of if need be.  It's not bad at all and with a little Howards it'd probably

look fine but I'll let the next owner make that decision.  These pop up from time to time on craigslist

but if they are cheap they get snatched up SO fast.  There was a china cab and side board on the list

just a few days ago along with some bedroom pieces from another maker of a similar style all for

$500 but I just didn't have the room of wear-with-all to bother making a play for it.  The bedroom

pieces are still on the list but the Brasilia got snatched right up.


Also, don't forget that I have a recently refinished and rare Broyhill Brasilia drop leaf extension table,

a Super Rare Brasilia drop side harvest dining table and six "cathedral" dining chairs (one armchair)

to go with this china cabinet if one should be on the look out for a complete suite.  I'm going to leave

this in the shop for a while longer but if it doesn't move I'll probably pull it and drop it off at Dan's for

a touch up and then put it at the Shag along with the Brasilia pieces I have there.


  1. That's a beaut!! I'm still searching for that large Sculptra china cabinet to match the rest of my set. I can't imagine a matching PAIR of those in one house! It'd be pretentious!...but fab to the max!! We got the small version the Sculptra china in at the shop I work at and the owner wouldn't come down on the price for me at all and I was a little short on the down payment on the layaway. Then, a few days later, she sold it to someone for $40 less than asking and put it on layaway for them at less than half the required down payment! I mean, I'd rather have the large one, but still. Uggh, I was livid! Still am. Of course, karma's a bitch...she's closing. Of course, that leaves me out of a job....oh, wait, one of the other antique stores in town has already begged me to start there when she closes! Ha! Karma.

    1. Not to hijack Mr's blog, but depending on where you are at, I might be able to help you out Dolly....

    2. No problem Brad. Mr. M doesn't mind his readership helping each other out!

  2. I spy...Broyhill Saga! I just picked up a Saga desk this past weekend. It needs love before I can move it into the office though.

  3. Anyone looking for some Brasilia????????????
    I have 7 pieces I am looking to sell...

    1. Hi Patty.

      You should include some contact info.